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Jetty’s Renters Insurance plans cover everything from fire & theft to life's little 'Oh $*1%' moments.


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If Something Happens

to Your Things

If you own it, we cover it. Jetty offer base contents coverage to protect the majority of your items. Have expensive jewelry or collections? You can add those to your plan in just a few clicks. No mess, no fuss.

If your apartment becomes uninhabitable, we'll pay for you to shack up elsewhere until you can head home. (The room service is still on you).

If Your Place

Becomes Uninhabitable

An injury at your apartment or damaging someone else's property sounds like a nightmare; for us it's 9 to 5. When the dog bites or the tub overflows and there's bills, bills, bills, give us a call and we'll foot them.

If You Need to Pay

Someone's Medical Bills