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Renters insurance covers
more than you think.

  • "I left my phone in
    my Uber!"

    AppleCare beware.

    Jetty Renters Insurance with the Personal Electronics Power-Up is the new way to protect your smartphone, laptop, and tablet from cracked screens to Lyft leave-behinds. Lost an AirPod or two? You’re covered with Jetty for as little as an extra $2/mo.

  • "Somebody broke into
    my apartment!"

    Better benefits on break-ins.

    Theft is hard emotionally, but it shouldn’t be hard economically. Our renters insurance pays the replacement value of your lost items (i.e., what you paid for it, not what it’s worth after you’ve “gently” used it). We make it easier to get new things and your life back to normal.

  • "My place
    caught fire!"

    Burnt but not out.

    If your place becomes unlivable because of accidental fire, water damage from bursting pipes, or a range of other unexpected mishaps. Jetty Renters Insurance has you covered. We’ll pay for a new place to stay until your place can be made habitable again or you find a new one.

  • "I have
    de bugs?!"

    Snug after bedbugs.

    Most renters insurance doesn’t protect against bedbugs, but Jetty Renters Insurance does. If you’ve got an infestation, we’ll help cover the costs of dry cleaning, exorcisms, or extermination. Jetty Renters Insurance helps you stay safe in your place by keeping it pest free.

  • "It just slipped right off
    of my finger!"

    Don’t lose your "I do."

    Don’t let six months of paychecks disappear down a sewer grate. Protect engagement rings, jewelry, photography equipment, and more with the Extended Valuables Power-Up for as little as an extra $2/mo.

How It Works
  1. 30 Seconds
    to Quote

    Enter your address and get a quote in 30 seconds. Our tech does all the heavy lifting.

  2. Customize
    Your Plan

    Add coverage for what you want and drop what you don't. Your plan is fully customizable.

  3. Insurance
    – Done!

    Purchase and you’re covered for an entire year. We’ll email you a digital copy of your plan.

I was lucky. I signed up for renters insurance because I knew it was affordable, and I have some really expensive DJ equipment that I didn’t want to get damaged. Then last month my apartment was broken into and all of my turntables and speakers were stolen. Thankfully Jetty covered it and I can spin again!
Joe S. - New York City

Renters insurance protects more than just your stuff.

Contents Coverage
  • Have insurance, will travel.

    Protection is global. Whether you’re in your backyard or backpacking in Peru, we’ve got your back.

  • If you own it, we cover it.

    From your cardigan to your Cartier, we’ll reimburse you if something happens to your things.

  • Protect your smartphone, laptop and tablet.

    Jetty Renters Insurance features a unique "Power-Up" to protect your portable electronics from life’s little Oh Sh*t moments.

Additional Coverages
  • Liability coverage.

    An injury at your apartment or damaging someone else’s property sounds like a nightmare; for us it’s 9 to 5. When the dog bites or the tub overflows and there’s bills, bills, bills, give us a call and we’ll foot them.

  • Loss of use coverage.

    If your apartment becomes uninhabitable, we’ll pay for you to shack up elsewhere until you can head home. (The room service is still on you.)

  • Medical payments.

    Financial compensation if you need to cover someone's medical bills (due to an incident on or near your property).

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